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Massages & Physiotherapeutic treatments in your Apartment

ischglliving - Wellness for body & soul

After a long and sporty day in the mountains, your muscles probably know what they have been through. This is the best moment for a professional massage or physiotherapeutic treatment in order to regain all the energy for the next day full of activity.

Spoil yourself a bit - holidays are there in order to get true relaxation and enjoyment!

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This offer is part of your unique ischglliving holiday experience. We cooperate with handsonskin - physiotherapy ischgl. They'll give you the massage that helps you best at their place in the center of Ischgl. As an ischglliving guest you will receive a 10% discount on all rates.

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The massages & treatment offer includes:


  • Classic massage (45min):

The classic massage is the most widely-known massage technique in western countries.


  • Lymphatic drainage (45min):

The extremely pleasurable and relaxing effect of the lymphatic drainage is based upon the movement of tissue fluid via the lymphatic vessels..


  • Reflexology massage (45min):

The entire body with all its organs and body parts is reflected in the reflex zones on the soles of the feet, comparable to a map..  


  • Connective tissue massage (45min):

The connective tissue massage is a manual stimulus treatment of the deep tissue, during which the inner organs are influenced.


  • Physiotherapy (45min):

The classic physiotherapy works with a selective employment of physical stimuli (e.g. mechanical pressure, movement and warmth) on the human body.


  • Sports physiotherapy (45min):

A consequent sports physiotherapy combines the methods of classic physiotherapy and certain movements of the practised kind of sport.

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